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the boy's body guide

"Even though most won't admit it, every young man asks the questions this book answers." — Dr. Greta L.B. Laube


The bestselling health and hygiene guide for boys 8 and older updated with a brand-new look.


Written by a prominent pediatrician. Acknowledged by parents and educators for its kid-friendly nonthreatening style and thorough coverage of the physical and emotional issues surrounding puberty and adolescence. Best of all, boys love it! As one fan wrote, "My son won’t put the book down! He keeps referring to it. Two thumbs up!"


"The Boy’s Body Guide" is packed with health and hygiene advice that young men can read on their own and put to use today as they grow and take responsibility for the care and health of their bodies. For ages 8 and up.


The new second edition features:

· Fresh new cover
· Entirely redesigned all-color interior
· New illustrations
· Updated content



5-Stars: Excellent resource for boys to understand their own bodies.,
August 23, 2009 By Steven ""


The Boy's Body Guide: A Health and Hygiene Book — Learning to take care of your own body is part of growing up, and as adults we sometimes forget how much there is for children to learn. The Boy's Body Guide is a health and hygiene handbook for boys 8 and older that can help teach boys what they need to know, including important information about subjects that may be embarrassing or difficult for them to discuss with an adult.


The book is generally organized by body parts, and covers a wide range of topics. There is basic information on health and fitness, including exercise and nutrition, that shares its material with The Boys Fitness Guide. There is information on topics that adults may never think to address, such as the proper care of your toenails. Other sections deal with awkward topics such as head lice, warts, and dandruff. Changes that may come with puberty are addressed throughout the book, including developing "peach fuzz" and acne. An entire chapter is devoted to Private Parts, with straightforward explanations and advice on topics such as erections and masturbation.


The Boy's Body Guide is written in a tone that is no-nonsense yet also reassuring for young boys. When discussing sensitive topics such as bed wetting or penis size, the Guide offers its explanations in a way that will help boys feel comfortable in their own bodies, and also minimize their anxieties about how they may be different from other boys. Each chapter is brief and easy to read, with simple and clear illustrations. The Boy's Body Guide is an excellent resource for boys to understand their own bodies and how they are changing, in a safe and nonthreatening manner It can also be useful as a guide for fathers and other adult caregivers to use in teaching boys about subjects that can often be awkward to discuss.



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