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the boy's fitness guide


"We are going to change the way young people think about fitness." — Gheorghe Muresan


This fitness and health handbook has everything you need to set up an exercise program and keep it going. The Boy's Fitness Guide is developed with NBA Star Gheorghe Muresan and Rares "Nick" Morar, A.C.E., and packed with easy-to-understand words and illustrations on how to exercise, eat right, and take care of your body—just what you need to build confidence and self-esteem.



5 stars: Practical, understandable advice on health and fitness for boys., August 20, 2009 By Steven ""


The Boy's Fitness Guide: Expert Coaching for the Young Man Who Wants to Look and Feel His Best — One of the challenges for modern fathers is teaching and modeling good health and physical fitness habits for our children, especially for boys. This wasn't a requirement for our own fathers, but with increasing rates of obesity and sedentary lifestyles (including among young people), establishing lifelong healthy habits has become a vital skill for children to learn. This is an especially important role for fathers (and uncles and even grandfathers) to play with their sons, since they can be a boy's strongest model for what it means to be a healthy adult male. Of course, most adult men have a hard enough time maintaining a healthy lifestyle even without the added demands of parenthood, so how will we find the time to teach fitness to our sons?


That's where The Boy's Fitness Guide comes in. This is practical and straightforward advice on health and fitness, written in an easy-to-understand format for boys as young as elementary age through their teen years. Most of the book is devoted to exercise, with separate chapters explaining the fundamentals of muscles and exercise, stretching, resistance exercise and aerobic exercise. This is followed by a chapter on nutrition, which includes charts that clearly explain the functions of different vitamins and minerals, and the GO-SLOW-WHOA approach to choosing healthy food and drink. There is also a chapter on body care, which includes good practices for personal, oral, and sleep hygiene.


This book is written for the perspective of boys, and is presented with their concerns in mind. For example, aerobic exercise is discussed as a way to do things like play soccer without getting out of breath. It also seeks to address questions that may occur to young boys, such as explaining that resistance exercise will tone your body but won't make your muscles bigger until after puberty. There are also brief sections on little-discussed issues of importance including eating disorders and anabolic steroids.


The tone of the book is upbeat and encouraging without ever fully descending into saccharine moralizing or syrupy optimism. This combination of upbeat tone and practical advice helps it portray fitness as something achievable and accessible even for boys who are not "jocks" or particularly athletic. The Boy's Guide to Fitness is useful as a resource for boys to learn how to maintain their own health and fitness, as well as for fathers or other adult males to use as a guide in teaching boys about a topic that has become an important life skill.




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