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Greta Laube, M.D.

gary j. campbell, is a licensed school counselor and social worker with over 23 years hands-on experience. “Soup,” as the students at Meyer Middle School affectionately call him, holds a Guidance & Counseling M.S. and B.S.W. degree. Gary, an outspoken advocate for programs and services that create success for children and families, is on the Board of the Wisconsin School Counselor Association, a member of the St. Croix Valley Restorative Justice Board, and is faculty representative for the school district’s educational foundation. When he’s not writing books or helping the community, Gary divides his remaining time between 650+ students, his wife, and their three children.

Frank Hawkins Image



frank c. hawkins writes books that make young men and women think, sweat and laugh—but not necessarily in that order. He is the father of two great teenagers who inspire him each and every day.




j.c. hawkins is a co-founder of Boy’s & Girl’s Guide Books. He is the creative force behind the work, providing strategic input, artistic imagination, and technical direction.

Greta Laube, M.D.


greta l.b. laube, m.d., is a board certified pediatrician and Fellow with the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Laube, a prominent Lancaster County, Pennsylvania pediatric specialist, is in private practice. Along with authoring health and hygiene books for young men, Dr. Laube divides her time between caring for her young patients and being a mother to her 4 children.

rares "nick" morar is a well-known and trusted fitness expert and trainer. Accredited by the American Council on Fitness Education, Nick is a FiTOUR® Master Personal Trainer and Practitioner. He is a member of IDEA Health and Fitness Association and holds a B.S. in Sports Science from the prestigious University of Babes-Bolyai in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Before coming to the U.S., Nick played professional basketball for eight years in the Europian league where he was Rookie-Of-The-Year during the 1996-1997 season. Nick’s professional athletic career and extensive studies give him a unique perspective on the terms ‘health’ and ‘fitness.’

Gheorghe Muresan

gheorghe "george" muresan is a well-known and beloved basketball persona. At 7 foot 7 inches, he is the tallest man to play ball in the NBA. Gheorghe played for the Washington Bullets (now the Washington Wizards) and the New Jersey Nets. He led the NBA in field goal percentage during the 1996-1997 season. Gheorghe’s talents go beyond basketball and in 1998 he co-starred with Billy Crystal in MY GIANT. Along with his busy professional schedule, Gheorghe is a family man. His two sons, along with the many young men and women he works with at his Giant Basketball Academy, inspired him to share his fitness and health knowledge honed as an NBA player.

Robyn Webb

robyn webb is an award winning chef, nutritionist, and author. Her accomplishments, too numerous to list here, include extensive work with the American Diabetes Association. Robyn has authored 10 top-selling cookbooks and is food editor of Diabetes Forecast, read by more than half a million people every month. She is also a product spokesperson for Pharmacia Upjohn, the California Avocado Commission, Glucerna, and Keebler. Robyn’s client list runs the gamut from Sysco Food Company to Whole Foods. She graduated from Syracuse University (B.S. Nutrition) and Florida State University (M.S. Nutrition).



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