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Boy's Guide to Girls



boy's guide to girls


The Boy's Guide to Girls strips away the small talk and gets right to the business of how to talk with girls, read the unspoken signals they send, ask a girl on a date, deal with rejection, and know what to do when you go out. more...| order






Body Book Cover


girl's fitness guide


Be inspired! Get motivated! Authors George Muresan, Rares "Nick" Morar, A.C.E. and Frank C. Hawkins make physical fitness fun.   more... | look inside | reviews | order






Fitness Book Cover



book of bad habits


From the light-hearted to the serious, a no-holds-barred look at the habits of young—and not so young—men and women. more...| reviews | order








Body Book Cover


boy's body guide (2nd edition)


The bestselling health and hygiene guide for boys 8 and older updated with a brand-new look. Written by a prominent pediatrician. Acknowledged by parents and educators for its kid-friendly nonthreatening style and thorough coverage of the physical and emotional issues surrounding puberty and adolescence. Pack with health and hygiene advise that young men can read on their own and put to use today as they grow and take responsibility for the care and health of their bodies.   more... | look inside | reviews | order






Fitness Book Cover


boy's fitness guide


Expert coaching for the young man who wants to look and feel his best from authors Frank C. Hawkins, Gheorghe Muresan and Rares "Nick" Morar, A.C.E.  more... | look inside | reviews | order








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